July 19, 2016

Our Team



Jeremy Hogan

CEO and President


Jeremy was born in Alabama, but was raised all over the world due to his military father and a stepfather.  On February 3, 1989, his mother passed away and he started down the wrong path in life.  He began getting into trouble with the law and began fighting every chance he could get. 

“I resented God for what he had done.  I didn’t think I could ever believe in him again,” he admits. “I joined the Marine Corps in 2004 and did two tours overseas; one to Afghanistan in 2004 and one to Iraq in 2006 as a part of the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines, or America’s Battalion out of Kaneohe, Hawaii.  2010 was my last year of active duty.  I have spent the last 6 years getting my health and mind balanced.”


“I married my beautiful wife Julie May on May 17th, 2013.  After two failed marriages, I like to think that I have learned ‘what not to do’ in this marriage.  We have an 8 year old son, Haydin Raye.  He is part of what drives me to do what I do day in and day out.  Julie and I are also expecting a daughter on or around May 30th.  We have named her Sadye Maye.  We live in Cullman, Alabama.”

“While standing on the ball field at my niece’s championship softball tournament, her coach, Mike Miller (from Oasis of Praise Church), came up to me first thing that morning.  He asked me if I had found God.  He told me about the love of Jesus and how he was the answer I was looking for.  I had been dealing with a lot of issues at the time and suddenly I felt the need to seek him.  It was May 27, 2014 and I was saved that day.  That’s when my journey really began.  It has been a long two years, but I have finally made it through the storm.  My family and I attend Temple Baptist of Cullman and we really enjoy the life we have built.”

“I’ve spent 37 years trying to learn and figure out why I was put here, hat my calling in life was.  On January 28, 2016 God finally answered that question.  I had stopped to get a few things at a local convenient store when the owner began telling me about a Vietnam veteran who was down on his luck.  He needed someone to help him build a ramp so that he could get outside and check his mail.  Before the day was over, I had visited him and began working. not only on the ramp, but remodeling his home to be handicap accessible and cleaning up his property, too.  From there Saving Forgotten Warriors (SFW) was born.”

Jeremy can be reached via email at jeremyhogan.sfw@gmail.com




Josh Speakman

Vice President


Josh Speakman is a native of Cullman, Alabama and a strong advocate of Cullman County in its entirety. He graduated Cullman High School in 2000 with an Advanced Academic Diploma and enrolled in Wallace State Community College to earn his Associates Degree.  After Wallace State, he transferred to Auburn University in 2002 to study as a Psychology in Culture/Theories of Personality major, minoring in marketing.
He return to Cullman in 2006 to establish himself as a prominent force in Public Relations and Cullman’s non-profit charitable network. He is currently Co-Chairman of House and Foods Committee for the Cullman Lion’s Club, the Vice President of the Advisory Council for the LifeSouth Community Blood Center, on the Board of Directors for the Cullman Cancer Assistance Foundation, Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Victim Services of Cullman, and he is an active member at the B.P.O.E   Elks Lodge. He is on the Board of Directors for Faith Tabernacle Church and is dedicated to the missions and ministries at Temple Baptist Church. He graduated Cullman County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy in Fall 2016 and is an committed advocate of The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office. Alabama House of Representative Ed Henry, District 9, appointed him to fill one of three seats on the Cullman County Community Development Commission. As a CCCDC Commissioner, he is responsible for reviewing and providing a vote as to which grant applications from local not-for-profit organizations should be approved, tabled, or declined. He holds honesty, integrity, and transparency an absolute must in relating to any charitable network and/or any not-for-profit organization with which he associates.
It was through the application SFW submitted for funding through CCCDC that he became familiar with the organization. After just a few short meetings with Jeremy and Trent, Josh accepted the position on the Board of Directors of SFW.  He is very committed to the Cullman community and eager to help our veterans.
Professionally, Josh is in the restaurant hospitality field operating a very successful, very community-minded steakhouse. The Brandin’ Iron Steakhouse was opened May 9, 2006 and over a decade later

Josh can be reached at 256-736-3814

Email Josh.Speakman@mindspring.com





Julie May Hogan

Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Julie is married to retired United States Marine Corps Sgt. Jeremy Hogan, Founder and CEO of SFW.  Although she did not know Jeremy when he was on active duty, she has been by his side ever since.  She and Jeremy have worked hand-in-hand to manage the day-to-day struggles associated with daily living outside the Marine Corps and together they want to help others in similar situations.  Julie understands the difficulties that arise when combat veterans return to a civilian life and wants them to know that they are not alone; it is very possible to live a long and happy life after the war. 

“I believe by helping these veterans spiritually that they can learn to adapt to the civilian life style.”

Julie can be reached via email at juliemayhogan.sfw@gmail.com



Pam Whitt

VP Finance/Board Treasurer

Pam’s area of expertise is the non-profit world.  She has worked with non-profit organizations for the past ten years and has gained extensive knowledge in nonprofits, grant writing, and fundraising.  Her goal is to acquire as much funding for SFW as humanly possible.  She is passionate about helping people, especially our military and feels honored to be a part of something so necessary in our community. 

“SFW is important to me because I appreciate and respect our troops, both past and present.  In my opinion, our government is not supportive enough for our veterans.  When they go and serve willingly, we as a country should be supportive of their every need once they return home.”

Pam can be reached via email at pamwhitt.sfw@gmail.com



Executive Administrator

Not appointed at this time.